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Below are some samples of video and performance work from 2010-2015. 

Additional videos are available on Vimeo.

Performing Inside the (Sand)Box.

This video follows my creative process, in terms of designing video for dynamic projection surfaces, from 2011 through early 2014.

Presented on the panel, “Experimental Media in/as Performance,” Performance Studies Division, at the National Communication Association Convention. Washington D.C., November 2013.

Grave of Medusa

Conceived, created, and directed by Lyndsay Michalik, included as part of Pepper’s Ghost, directed by Trish Suchy and John LeBret, HopKins Black Box, Louisiana State University, October 2012. In this version, a small embedded window shows the original video during parts of the performance.


This performance incorporated projected video, audio, and an 8x8 foot sandbox filled with three tons of sand. The audience stood around the sandbox on all sides. The performers (Bonny McDonald, Mollye Deloach, and Kaitlin Cannava) are gravestones that come to life and enter the sandbox to conceal and reveal images, video, and objects in the sand. The video and choreography are inspired by the concepts of tapophobia (the psychopathological fear of being buried alive), sensory deprivation, the medusa jellyfish, and the mythological figure Medusa.


Grave of Medusa

T h e  B i t c h  o f  H e a r t s,  E s q .

 T h e  B i t c h  o f  H e a r t s,  E s q . 


A selection from
P s y c h i c  P r i v a t e s,
a collection of poetry by Kim Vodicka

Words by Kim Vodicka
Music by Kim Vodicka and
     Randy Faucheux
Video by Lyndsay Michalik


Listen to Louisiana (Part One of Four)

Listen to Louisiana

Part one of a four-part documentary video about live music in Louisiana. This segment of the video was filmed at Cafe des Amis, in Breaux Bridge, LA. Created in March 2011.

Margaux Hemingway: High Priestess of the Avant Garden

"Margaux Hemingway:

High Priestess of the Avant Garden"


This video was created as a book release trailer for Kim Vodicka's debut poetry collection, Aesthesia Balderdash.


Poem written and performed by

Kim Vodicka

Video by Lyndsay Michalik

Music by Chris Lott

Memory Diver

Memory Diver


Video art intended to be projected onto a dynamic projection surface (e.g. sand or glass, with performers on top of of or behind the surface). Created by Lyndsay Michalik, included as a part of Brash Menagerie (compiled and directed by Brian Carbine, BrendaLinda Performance Collaborative, LePop Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI, May 2012).

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