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Theory and skills needed by the effective communicator and critical consumer of speech; analysis of other speakers and practice in speaking.

Communication-centered study of performance and theatricality in daily life.


The same ethos that has driven my performance and research has also driven my pedagogy. As an educator, I encourage questioning, dialogue, critical reflection, and empathetic engagement. The classroom is a place to foster these crucial skills and experiences, to prepare students to make informed choices in their personal, social, and political lives. I value earnest and committed in-class engagement, along with a student's ability to express him or herself in speech and writing, over standard quizzing and/or testing. This philosophy is reflected in the coursework I assign.

Historical, cultural, artistic, and technological development of the film industry; selected films screened and studied.


Introduction to Film (CMST 2012)

Study of the rhetorical and aesthetic elements of solo and group performance, including performances of literature, cultural performances, and experimental performances.

Introduction to Communication Studies (CMST 1150)

Introduction to Film History (CMST 3012)

Fundamentals of Communication (CMST 1061)

Introduction to Performance Studies (CMST 2040)

Rhetorical Public Speaking (CMST 2060)

Performance Composition (CMST 3040)

Interpersonal Communication (CMST 2010)

Performance in Everyday Life (CMST 3041)

The practice of rhetoric, performance studies, and communication theory; extensive practical and performance applications of communication skills in addition to lectures and readings.

Fundamental principles and subject areas in the study of human communication.

Nature and function of film as a mode of communication; basic language of cinema; selected films screened and studied; basics of film composition.​



The study of literature through performance; reading, analysis, performance of prose and poetry, and basic performance composition.

Theories and research in human communication; one-to-one interactions.

Examples of student work from CMST 2012

Remix Culture (CINE 285)

Performance and Intermediality (CINE 348)

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